Dr. Moazzam Rafiq Khan

Associate Professor


I have done my Ph.D. in Food Technology from the University of Agriculture (UAF), Pakistan. My research interests include Food Sciences especially fruits and vegetables for their product development, nutrition, processing, and preservation. I have also worked on various analytical studies of fruits and vegetables at Newcastle University, UK. I won various research projects from various funding agencies. Currently, I am the principal investigator of one research project which is focused on the value addition of guava through the development of vitamin-A fortified fruit bar. I have published different research articles and book chapters in reputed journals and publishers. I have supervised many MSc (Hons.) research students and currently, I am supervising five Ph.D. students.

Role in pknc

As Co-chair of the food fortification thematic lab, I will work on a fortified fruit drink, fruit leathers, functional food for combating malnutrition in the masses and optimization of various food Fortificant and micronutrients for various other products. I will also work on fortified food entrepreneurs and the commercialization of fortified food products with the collaboration of different industries.  

publications No.

Impact Factor Publications: 50 Non-Impact Factor Publications: 20 Citations: 385 Book Edited: 1 Book Chapters: 07

Office ADDress

National Institute of Food Science and Technology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan