Dr. Muhammad Asim Shabbir

Associate Professor


I hold the Ph.D. in the subject of Food Technology. My research interests include Food Science, Nutrition, processing and especially edible fat and oils in terms of their safety, processing, nutrition, health and effective utilization of bioactive compounds. During my stay at Newcastle University, UK, I also worked on various analytical aspects of edible fats and oils. I have accomplished various research projects from National and International funding agencies. Currently, I am working on two research projects as a principal investigator. One of the projects focuses on the Utilization of Pomegranate and Sunflower Seed Waste for the Development of High Nutria-Omega 5 Cookies and the other one focuses on the Development of Indigenous Adsorbent for Improving the used Edible Fats Quality of Street Vendor Foods for Peri-Urban Inhabitants. I have published many research articles in reputed impact factor journals and published different book chapters. I have supervised many post-graduate research students and currently, five PhDs scholar are working under my supervision.

Role in pknc

As a Co-chair of food fortification thematic program, I will work on the optimization of different Fortificant for development of fortified foods and identify the suitable vehicle for micronutrient fortifications at affordable for the communities. Furthermore, Food entrepreneurship and commercialization will be the aspect of fortified food products

publications No.

Impact Factor Publications: 50 Non-Impact Factor Publications: 20 Citations: 385 Book Edited: 1 Book Chapters: 07

Office ADDress

National Institute of Food Science and Technology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan